Rick Sankey has been a musician since he was 14. He has experience playing piano, bass, and guitar, but has developed a full-time career as a drummer. He studied music for 3 years at Chicago Music College, and played for 8 years in Chicago blues and r & b clubs. He was a protege of Erwin Helfer, a Chicago legend. For the past 35 years, Rick has performed at Bay Area clubs, concerts, casuals and on recordings with: Otis Clay, Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Little Anthony, Cathy McDonald, Little Milton, Freddie Hughes, Tommy Castro, Daniel Castro, Johnny Ace, Rusty Zinn, Steve Freund, Frank Biner, Annie Sampson, Lisa Kindred, Johnnie Nitro, Steve Willis, Mitch Woods, Al Von and many others. Currently he plays with a number of local blues bands and is the leader of Little Sister, a Bay Area cover band. He can be seen regularly in San Francisco at the Saloon in North Beach, and Lou's Pier 49 at Fisherman's Wharf.

Rick has written music since 1964. In 1980, he began programming drums with the first Lynn Drum and sequencing with early Roland sequencers and Dr. T software. Currently he uses Cubase to create unique tracks in many genres of electronica, hip hop, r&b, blues, new age and in genres that fall through the cracks.